A regular keynote speaker on the property speaker’s circuit, including “Grand Designs Live” in Sydney & Melbourne, the Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane & Perth Home Buyer and Property Investor Expos as well as at regular professional events around the country, he prides himself on making complex property concepts simple and easy to understand.

Bryce has contributed feature articles in Money Magazine and columns in Your Investment Property magazine, Australia Property Investor Magazine, Smart Property Investor Magazine, Property Observer, The Sunday Times along with interviews on the 7PM Project, Melbourne Property TV, Real Estate Talk, 2GB and 2UE (Sydney), 3AW, ABC and MTR (Melbourne), 4BC (Brisbane) and 7HOFM (Tasmania).

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“Bryce is one of the most well-known and respected property experts in Australia so we were proud to have him present daily seminars on the main stage of our Home Buyer & Property Investor Shows throughout the country. Our brand was all about providing property buyers with the most trusted, reliable and up-to-date information available Read More

Jason Humphris February 3, 2016

Public Speaking Videos

RealEstate.Com.Au Series

The REA group are a multinational digital advertising company which run Australia’s leading and most successful property website realestate.com.au.  Recognizing the forward thinking and expert advice Bryce offers as co-host of The Property Couch, REA approached Bryce & Ben to partner in delivering a ‘how to’ series in relation to property investment.

The weekly informative and fun video series regularly attracts close to 200K hits, and serves to further spread the message of intelligent property investment.  Working with the nation’s most visited property website, allows Bryce to help even more Australians secure their economic future by making good financial decisions.

Topics range from: How to use Leverage to your Advantage, Main Factors affecting Property Prices, 5 Criteria for Lending Approval and Protecting against Buying the Wrong Asset.


As Australia’s most prominent and recognisable Buyers’ Agent, Bryce is the face of a number of television commercial campaigns.  Successful campaigns include creative ads for private clients Mazda and Hyundai, as well as informative government campaigns such as NSW Fair Trading with the new Asbestos protection laws.

Check out Bryce throwing and catching keys, pancakes and newspapers without batting an eyelid!

Location Location Location Australia

Bryce fell into TV work by accident.  After a nationwide search of thousands of applicants to find that perfect combination of experience, ethics, likeability and a genuine heart to see everyday Australian’s find their home, Bryce was cast as the host of this incredibly successful TV show.  Along with co-host Veronica Morgan, they scale the country to find properties and secure homes, which perfectly matched the buyers’ needs and budget.

Some people love charging the deal, some love the numbers, but Bryce loves helping people achieve their property dreams.  He loves being part of that champagne clink moment, that special second when the hammer falls announcing that finally, a dream becoming a reality.  Whilst working in TV was never the goal, Bryce relishes the privilege to partake in such an exciting moment in each client’s life.

Location, Location, Location Australia is in its third season on the Lifestyle Channel at Foxtel.   It was the first show in Australia to showcase the role of the Buyers’ Agent, and how important it is to have experienced industry professionals in your corner when dealing with such an expensive transaction like property.

The Property Couch

The Property Couch is the brainchild of Bryce Holdaway & Ben Kingsley.  As Australia’s most downloaded property podcast, they have well over 2.5 million downloads and close to 140 episodes.

Early movers into this digital space, The Property Couch aims to maximise reach to people everywhere by providing free education and information regarding all aspects of Property Investment.    In the weekly podcast, they chat to industry experts, provide real-life Q & A’s, tips for auctions, taxation and depreciation strategies, building successful budgets, negative gearing debates, pest inspections, case studies and how everyone can secure their future through property investment with the right information and advice.

Bryce aims to provide a free baseline education to armour Australians against vulnerability, which might allow them to be taken advantage of.  The Property Couch lives by the wisdom, “It’s OK to outsource the work, but don’t outsource your understanding.”

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